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ARCM Leading House from NTN Innovation Booster – Microtech!

The NTN Innovation Booster Microtech is an Innosuisse program managed by ARCM (Leading House) in consortium with 5 key players in the field of microtechnology in Switzerland. The objective is to promote and accelerate innovation projects in the field of microtechnology between 2021 and 2024. How does it work? Thanks to a unique collaborative platform for ideation and creation of links between interdisciplinary partners.

What is the NTN Innovation Booster – Microtech?

Whether you are a start-up, an SME, a large company, an association or an individual with an idea in the field of microtechnology, the NTN Innovation Booster -Microtech offers a unique platform for ideation and/or participation in ideas through participatory financing.

The consortium will select 10 ideas in 2022 (15 in 2023 and 15 in 2024) from those that receive a collaborative funding of at least CHF 5’000. The most promising ideas will receive an additional CHF 20’000 to conduct a feasibility study.

ARCM at your disposal

If you decide to pursue your idea after the feasibility study, ARCM is available to support you according to your needs.

Don’t hesitate, submit your ideas!

The NTN Innovation Booster Microtech offers you a unique platform to test your ideas, so don’t hesitate, submit your ideas:

In collaboration with  l’Associazione Industrie Ticinesi (aiti)Innovations Netzwerk Ostschweiz (Inos)Microcity, i-moutier and Switzerland Innovation West EPFL.


ARCM thanks Innosuisse for their award of the 2021-2024 NTN Innovation Booster call for proposals.